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About the Founders


About Mr. N. Nageswaran

Mr. N. Nageswaran is a Senior Banker (retd.) and specialist in Forex, he was the Founder and Managing Director of VKC Credit and Forex Services Ltd, a RBI Licenced Authorised Dealer Category II in Foreign Exchange (Later Essel Finance VKC ForexLtd.), Fellow of Institute of Directors and Certified IndependentDirector, Registered member of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code2016 and Restructuring Advisor (CIRA) under American Bankruptcy Code. He comes with wealth of experience in several industries.


About Mr. S. Rajendran

Mr. S. Rajendran believes in sowing the seeds and providing the right ambience for growth. Having served several corporates during his professional career in financial management and corporate affairs, he brings into CGRF the corporate culture and a structured approach. Corporate Governance and Role of Women in shaping the corporate governance policies are his pet subjects.

Giving back to the society

The challenges faced during the long span of their distinctly different careers and the satisfaction of having done a bit to make things better for the next generations have brought the founders together to find ways of giving back to the profession and the stakeholders. CGRF intends to provide a beautiful platform to meet expectations from various stakeholders. All in the domain of corporate laws, CGRF would pursue with intensity on matters like Policy advocacy, precise analysis of amendments and new provisions of law, prompt updation of compliance requirements and classified information on IBC, to begin with.

The Tone at the Top!!

Mr. Srinivasan, fondly called as SS, believes that CGRF will provide the right platform to practise what we preach and be a living example to the passionate youngsters and professionals to excel in their pursuit. Yes Yes, you too can be a proud CGRFian in the near future!! Come and explore !!!

The Culture

CGRF is proud to emulate the concept of being a "disciplined organisation" - an organisation which believes in having the discipline to do whatever it takes to become the No.1 in the carefully chosen domains and not to rest there but continually improve from there.